Hi there. Welcome to the policy corner.

101PC is an outlet for my personal curiosity. I’ve always been interested in how certain policies work and why we have or lack them, so posts are basically me teaching myself about the topics. Or better yet, the site is like the kid who, when asked “what’d you learn in school today?” by their parents, just word vomits all the stuff they heard in class. (Although I’ll try to be a little more coherent than said child.)

This is more or less a passion project, so I can’t promise regular posts on the blog or the research page. But I can promise that the range of topics I cover will grow to reflect my interest and any reader kind enough to submit a 101 request.

Some of the things I’ll cover will seem of little consequence, or they’ll be just a quick explainer for the unfamiliar. Other things will be much more, namely the “big problems” and maybe the big solutions needed to solve them. Here’s why: we can’t talk about solving problems until we know what they are and understand them well enough.

I hope you’ll read critically, strike up a conversation, and share your thoughts with me.

A little about me:

I’m still getting my feet wet as a public policy analyst and writer, but I do have experience working within city government, research groups, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations. Though I was born and raised in Philadelphia (#GoBirds), I’m currently Chicago and have lived stints in California, Utah, Oregon, Alaska, and Indiana. The time spent in these places and others pushed me to look into policy at every level; it’s why I started this site.

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